Civic & academic leadership activities

  • This page lists civic and academic leadership activities, such as presentations to workshops, expert testimony, or keynotes at non-public conferences.

“Post-truth”: What, why, and how do we respond? Presentation and panel discussion at the Joint ESAF / INGSA Meeting, 26 June 2019, Dublin, Ireland.

Why do People Accept “Post-Truth”? Presentation to the European Parliament, “Science meets Parliament” event,  Brussels, 6 February 2019.

Brief of Amici Curiae, U.S. Court of Appeals, 9th Circuit. (case 18-15499 County of San Mateo v. Chevron). Brulle, R., Farrell, J., Franta, B., Lewandowsky, S., Oreskes, N., & Supran, G. 29 January 2019.

“Post-Truth”: What, Why, and How Do We Respond? Presentation and panel at conference Quo Vadis, Europe? Upcoming elections, hybrid threats, and the way forward. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania and E.U. representation in Lithuania, Vilnius, Lithuania, 27 January 2019.

Democracy in the age of misinformation. Panel and presentation at CONSULCON: Democratic Cities, Madrid, Spain, 23 November 2018.

“Post-Truth”: What, Why, and How Do We Respond? Presentation to the European Commission, Heads of Representations. Brussels, 19 November 2018.

Psychology of fake news spreading. Presentation at the ZIBI Graduate School, Humboldt University. Berlin, 19 October 2018.

Inoculation and (Mis-)information Discernment. Presentation at the Joint Research Center of the European Commission. Ispra, Italy, 8 October 2018.

“Post-truth”: What, why, and how do we respond? Presentation to the European Commission. Brussels, 2 October 2018.

How to Deal with “Fake News” Around Vaccination. Keynote presented at the workshop “Global Challenges in Vaccine Acceptance Science and Programs”, hosted by Fondation Mérieux, Annecy, France, 24 September 2018. (Video here).

Rejection of Scientific Findings: Worldview, Ideology, and the Norms of Science. Talk presented at the workshop “Trust in Science & Changing Landscapes of Communication”, hosted by ALLEA [All European Academies] working group “Truth, Trust & Expertise”, Amsterdam, 31 August 2018.

How to Deal with “Fake News” Around Vaccination. Keynote presented at the WHO Behavioural Insights Summer School (BISS). Erfurt University, Erfurt, Germany, 29 August 2018.

UK Parliament, Culture, Media and Sport Committee, ‘Fake News’ Inquiry: The Science of Prebunking: Inoculating the Public Against Fake News. March 2018. (S. van der Linden et al.)

Being open but not naked: Balancing transparency with resilience in science. Talk presented at the annual conference of the Norwegian National Research Ethics Committee, Oslo, 28 February 2018.

Making and Maintaining a Rational Extremist. Presentation at workshop “A psychological and neuroscientific perspective on how extremist propaganda works and how to effectively counter it”, hosted by RAN (Radicalization Awareness Network) of the European Commission, Vienna, Austria, 7 February 2018.

Open data: Balancing transparency with resilience. Presentation at the workshop Ethical Aspects of Open Access: A Windy Road. ALLEA (All European Academies), Brussels, 1 February 2018.
(Written report available here).

Qualitative foresight exercise on the UN Sustainable Development Goals in the EU. European Commission – Joint Research Centre. Workshop, Brussels, 3 July 2018.

Future challenges. Workshop on Big Data, Targeting, and the Future of Democracy. Joint Research Centre, European Commission. Ispra, Italy, 18-19 January 2018.

The “post-truth” era: Post what exactly? Invited talk presented at the conference of the Swedish Higher Education Authority (Universitetskanslersämbetet). Linköping, Sweden, 4 December 2017.

12th Berlin Debate on Science and Science Policy. Invited workshop, Robert Bosch Foundation, Berlin, 7 November, 2017.

Misinformation in Science. Presentation to doctoral School of Public Health of Paris, St. Malo, France, 24 October 2017.

Outflanking “fake news”: inoculation, skepticism, and warnings. Strategic Multilayer Assessment (SMA) team, Pentagon Joint Staff. (Webinar, 21 June 2017).

European Commission. Conference on EU4FACTS: Evidence for policy in a post-fact world. Brussels, 26 September 2017. (Invited presentation).

Understanding the spread of misinformation, conspiracy theories, fake news, and ‘soft facts’. Invited talk presented at the Home Office’s Research Information and Communication Unit (RICU). Workshop on Conspiracy theories, disinformation, and security threats: How should governments respond? London, 15 May 2017.

UK Parliament, Culture, Media and Sport Committee, ‘Fake News’ Inquiry: Misinformation and its debunking: Impact of “fake news” on the public. April 2017.

UK Parliament, Science and Technology Committee, Research Integrity Inquiry: Managing threats to research integrity. Mar 2017. (Invited to give oral evidence to Committee on 26 April 2017, but meeting cancelled after snap election was called.)