This page shows a selection of recent videos (from 2021 onwards) of conference talks and other public events. A complete record of radio, TV, webinar, and other online appearances can be found on this page.

TeDCog YouTube channel

TeDCog YouTube channel.

Demagoguery, Technology, and Cognition talk for #Webimmunization project, online seminar, 6 Mar 2023.

Science vs Emotions in the post-truth world, Luxembourg Sustainability Forum 2022, 11 October 2022.

Talk to Digital Technologies and the Stakes for Representative Democracy Conference, Hellenic Parliament, 11 June 2022.

Transparent but not naked: Avoiding the weaponization of reproducibility. Public talk at Final Symposium: Reproducibility and replicability in science, 1 June 2022, Brussels.

The psychology of Putin’s propaganda, Times Radio, 23 May 2022.

Technology & Democracy. Cognitive Pressure Points & Solutions, PERITA Lecture [virtual], 19 October 2021.

From agenda-setting to furtive manipulation: The role of (social) media in political polarization, “Belief Polarization” Symposium, 6 October 2021.

Climate denial: drivers and consequences, ISC 2021 Summer School – Cognitive Challenges of Climate Change, Université du Québec à Montréal [virtual], 5 October 2021

Resisting the Knowledge Dementors: The Truth about Fake News, Public presentation at Skeptics in the Pub Online, 8 July 2021 [virtual]

A Global Contagion of Infodemics & Conspiracy Theories, Webinar hosted by East-West Center, Hawaii, 17 February 2021

Episode 13: Vaccines milestones and combating conspiracy theories, “Digital Fireside Talk” with Professor John Iredale, University of Bristol, 17 February 2021.