This page shows a selection of recent videos (all from 2021) of conference talks and other public events. A complete record of radio, TV, webinar, and other online appearances can be found on this page.

TeDCog YouTube channel

TeDCog YouTube channel.

Talk to Digital Technologies and the Stakes for Representative Democracy Conference, Hellenic Parliament, 11 June 2022.

Transparent but not naked: Avoiding the weaponization of reproducibility. Public talk at Final Symposium: Reproducibility and replicability in science, 1 June 2022, Brussels.

The psychology of Putin’s propaganda, Times Radio, 23 May 2022.

Technology & Democracy. Cognitive Pressure Points & Solutions, PERITA Lecture [virtual], 19 October 2021.

From agenda-setting to furtive manipulation: The role of (social) media in political polarization, “Belief Polarization” Symposium, 6 October 2021.

Climate denial: drivers and consequences, ISC 2021 Summer School – Cognitive Challenges of Climate Change, Université du Québec à Montréal [virtual], 5 October 2021

Resisting the Knowledge Dementors: The Truth about Fake News, Public presentation at Skeptics in the Pub Online, 8 July 2021 [virtual]

A Global Contagion of Infodemics & Conspiracy Theories, Webinar hosted by East-West Center, Hawaii, 17 February 2021

Episode 13: Vaccines milestones and combating conspiracy theories, “Digital Fireside Talk” with Professor John Iredale, University of Bristol, 17 February 2021.